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The Truth About Audiobooks

Personally, I've only recently started listening to audiobooks. I'm a little picky about the narrator's voice, and I don't exactly have the attention span required to listen to something for 8+ hours without multitasking. Professionally, I love providing them to avid listeners, and wish I could create one for every book I've published. But there's one thing holding me back.

They're crazy expensive to produce.

People have asked me why I don't record them using my own voice, or why I don't ask so-and-so to do a recording for me. Other than the fact that, like most people, I hate my own voice? The thing is, without a professional voice actor or a professional recording set-up, audiobooks won't sell. And those professional actors come with a hefty, albeit well-deserved, price tag.

So for now, I only have one Quinn Avery title available in audiobook format: The Dead Girl's Stilettos. I'm really pleased how it turned out, and hope I can work with Victoria Villarreal again on future projects. If you're up for a steamy romance with alpha males, check out my three audiobooks written as Jennifer Ann. Hopefully one day I can make my dream of making my entire catalog of work available in audio format come true!

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