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A romantic suspense tale with explosive secrets.

It’s been seven years since Lincoln Farrington disappeared from Cameron Quinn’s life. She tried to pick up the pieces of her heart and move on, but his puzzling decisions continued to leave her unsettled. When she finally decides to reach out to him, he surprises her by requesting they meet.

After enduring the ruthless training required to become a Navy SEAL, Lincoln was still unable to shake the burden of his regretful past. He wouldn’t rest easy until he knew what had become of the only girl he’d ever loved.

Once they’re reunited, old wounds will slowly resurface and they’ll start to question everything that brought them together. Although they’d give anything to play out the future they’d once planned, they’re both carrying devastating secrets that will ultimately destroy each other.

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A psychological thriller of deception, tragedy, and vengeance.

What if you didn’t know who you could trust, including yourself?


After an ugly divorce and a near-fatal accident that left her in chronic pain, Olivia is struggling to start over. Still, she forges ahead for the sake of her children, making their problems her priority.


But one night changes everything.


When an old rival goes missing after an argument with Olivia, she begins to question what she knows. But is she capable of murder?


Everyone else seems to think so.

A gripping thriller with a mind-blowing twist you won't see coming.