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After a Jane Doe is murdered in journalist Bexley Squires's hometown, she's asked by one of Hollywood’s brightest stars to clear his name as a suspect. But her skills as an amateur sleuth weren’t enough to find her missing sister. Does she have what it takes to find a killer?

When she returns to California, she discovers the elite seaside community of Papaya Springs has become more corrupt than she imagined. All too soon, she stumbles into a web of twisted games played by the rich and famous. Along with the detective in charge of the case, who also happens to be her high school crush, she’ll uncover a level of depravity unlike anything she’s ever known.

The Dead Girl’s Stilettos is the first book in the Bexley Squires mystery series.

For the first time in her career as an investigator, Bexley Squires will be forced to prove the innocence of the most dubious suspect imaginable.


Papaya Springs has kept Bexley on her toes since her ill-fated return. When someone from her past unexpectedly comes knocking on the door of Stronghold Investigations, she eagerly offers her services.


But what first appears to be an imprudent stunt uncovers something much darker. Bexley’s investigation quickly turns sinister, putting her relationship with the hunky detective at risk, and lives in danger.


Traumatized after her last case, Bexley Squires merely hopes to rebuild a solid reputation as Papaya Springs newest P.I. When Brewer Hawkins, her former high school classmate turned sexy biker, ends up in Mexico with amnesia, she can’t turn her back on him.


Framed for a crime he didn’t commit, Brewer is just the cherry on Bexley’s rapidly melting sundae. It’s on her to save her BFF's career, and Bexley’s ex-boyfriend, detective Grayson Rivers, refuses to move on alone.


With a to-do list rising faster than the cost of living in Papaya Springs, finding out she might be falling for a wanted felon is the least of her worries. The suspects have noticed her probing and she needs to stop them—before Brewer’s next on their list.


As the new owner of Stronghold Investigations, Bexley Squires struggles to solve her biggest mystery yet—one that hits far too close to home.

Amidst revisiting a painful past and planning for a potentially more painful future with Brewer Hawkins, Bexley’s given unfortunate news that changes everything. While attempting to make sense of an unfathomable scenario, she’s offered a substantial reward to solve a case that involves the upmost secrecy.

By the time she discovers an inanimate object is the key—pun intended—to something more substantial than a simple theft, it’ll be too late. She’ll find herself knee-deep in another family’s war while trying to make peace with her own.


After the son of an elite Papaya Springs couple is involved in an accident that leaves many unanswered questions, they turn to Stronghold Investigations for help. While all indications lead Bexley Squires to believe the high school senior was planning the unthinkable, his parents task her with uncovering his true intentions.


And just when Bexley thinks her questionable half-sister is out of her life following their father’s death, she receives a call that both shocks her to the core and forces her to face unexpected challenges. With her boyfriend serving out his sentence in jail, Bexley will have to lean on her friends and family more than ever.


A new killer has arrived in Papaya Springs. Around the same time a young woman is murdered, Bexley Squires’s elderly neighbor begins to receive strange phone calls and finds disturbing presents on her doorstep. When a sheriff’s deputy leaks information to Bexley from the murder scene, it appears her neighbor may have a complicated history with the murderer, and the hunt for the man begins.


In the meantime, as Bexley adjusts to married life, her first husband comes to her for help. As Bexley tries to uncover the intention behind a seemingly frivolous lawsuit by Jack Squires’s former mentor, the heartbreaking truth will force Jack to reassess his future and make Bexley question her own.


The urgency to find the killer escalates once the truth behind his past is revealed. But will it be too late for Bexley to save her neighbor’s life?

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