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Tiki Trouble cozy mysteries are clean, humorous, and filled with quirky characters you won't forget anytime soon!


Welcome to Beach Bummers on the white quartz shores of Santa Maria Island, Florida, where the weather is always perfect, drinks are served ice cold, and the locals’ secrets run deep! If you love the idea of escaping to a small beach town and sleuthing alongside quirky characters, you’ll love the Tiki Trouble series!


Zoey Zastrow needed a fresh start after her plans for a perfect life came crashing down. So she packed her bags, trading her snow boots and ice scraper in the freezing Midwest for flip flips and a waitress apron by the sunny Gulf of Mexico. She never imagined her new lifestyle would include amateur sleuthing. But there she was, killing it. Or rather, hunting down a killer.


After Zoey discovers a human skull while closing the tiki bar one night, she’s determined to unearth the mystery behind the discarded remains. Who was the woman? Was she murdered? And why is someone warning her not to get involved?


With the help of the island’s brand new police detective (who happens to be hotter than a shot of fire whiskey), the wacky tiki bar staff, and a new 3-legged sidekick, Zoey will turn the island upside down in search of answers.

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