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The Best is Yet to Come!

You guys! (I’m a life-long Minnesotan, so of course I’d address you that way.) Woman Over the Edge comes out in just NINE weeks, and I’m crazy stoked about this one! This romantic suspense/thriller is pretty unique from anything I’ve previously written. Much like my other standalone, In Her Father’s Shadow, it has a lot of heart and soul, and follows the life of a woman who both experiences unimaginable heartbreak and struggles to find love. However, Woman Over the Edge is more of a thriller with an active killer on the loose, and the protagonist isn't sure who she can trust, including herself.

The story takes place around my beloved second home of Lake Shetek, Minnesota. While the lake very much exists in real life, many of the places mentioned around it are fictional (including the protagonist’s family resort—which I envisioned on the Boy Scout camp just down the road from us that was recently sold). I spent many summer nights crafting the plot while snuggled in on our deck overlooking the beautiful landscape surrounding our lot. I included some incredibly tragic situations—a mother’s worst nightmare—that were extremely difficult to write about, but I pushed myself to continue far beyond my comfort zone. I'm hoping it results in a tale that will stay with you long after you've finished the last page.

I know there are a billion thrillers out there right now, but I truly hope you’ll give Woman Over the Edge a try.

Please remember how much pre-orders mean to authors—and this one is just 99 cents! ❤️

Reserve your copy now:

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