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Can't wait to share this tragic journey of a serial killer's daughter!

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

I'm crazy excited to announce Purpose, my new standalone, will be released on November 9th! There's no denying this past year has been a struggle for so many of us, and it certainly didn't do any favors for my creativity. After releasing Moscow Mules & Murder, I had a difficult time engaging with anything. Then I read the book written by the BTK killer's daughter, and my mind began to wonder what it must've been like for her, knowing her father had murdered so many victims.

Purpose is unlike anything I've written before. The story starts as the heroine learns the truth about her father as a young girl, and continues well into her adulthood as she's struggling to understand her path in life. It's filled with heartache, romance, mystery, and some thrills. If you're a fan of Barbara Freethy and Nora Roberts, you'll enjoy this young woman's journey!

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