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Back in the Saddle

I'm extremely excited to announce that I will be making THREE appearances in the month of November! I'll be visiting the Minnesota towns of Slayton, Blue Earth, and Fairmont. If you live anywhere near these towns, get the deets here.

I'm not going to lie...being unable to socialize with readers and other authors for an extended period of time has been torture. The worst part was experiencing a lack of book events THE SAME TIME as I became an empty-nester (and then not being allowed to attend my son's graduation from boot camp). Going through these adjustments simultaneously was nothing short of hell, resulting in a major writer's block.

While I can be categorized as one of those strange hybrid breeds of "introverted extrovert," I MISS MY PEOPLE! I was extremely grateful when I was recently invited to make an appearance at a local library, but having a full calendar for the next month feels more like the old days. Still, nothing can replace the feeling of attending an author convention and getting to spend time with superstars like E.L. James, Charlaine Harris, and Skye Warren! They were all incredibly kind, and inspired me in different ways. Most importantly, they reminded me they're only human. Who knows...maybe some day I'll be at their level!

Here's hoping 2022 will allow me more opportunities to comment with like-minded people!

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