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About That Serial Killer Book...

Since the release of In Her Father's Shadow, several readers have asked if I knew someone in Mia's situation. Thankfully, the answer is a firm no. But I was able to give Mia a real voice because of two important methods of research.

Last year, I devoured A Serial Killer's Daughter: My Story of Faith, Love, and Overcoming by Kerri Rawson. The daughter of the infamous BTK wrote a moving memoir of her experiences growing up, and later discovering her father was a monster. I've always been an avid fan of true crime, but this book both struck a nerve and sparked my curiosity. Kerri was an adult when she learned of her father's heinous crimes. I couldn't help but wonder: what if she had been in her formative years when the truth was discovered?

Secondly, I spent ample time with a dear friend who has her masters degree in psychology. Although she obviously couldn't say whether or not she's met with someone in Mia's situation (I have a feeling she hasn't based on our rural location), we dove deep into Mia's mindset and how she might react to different situations.

In Her Father's Shadow is still FREE on all retailers, but not for long! Grab your copy now!

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