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Thank you for your interest in What They Never Said!

WTNS cover.jpg

Before I send your FREE digital copy, we need

to go over a few details.

1. Please be aware that this book is a retelling of The Secrets Between Us, previously released as a steamy romantic novel under my Jennifer Ann pen name. While the story is basically the same, it's told in a different manner (third person vs first), and the graphic sex scenes have been removed for a PG-13 version. Last but not least, a cameo of Bexley Squires has been added into the story!

2. By accepting a copy, you agree to post an honest review on Goodreads. It doesn't have to be long or eloquent. I will send you a link when the book goes live on Amazon and/or Bookbub so you can copy and paste your review onto the product page.

3. In order to receive your copy, you must have the Kindle app on any tablet, smart phone, or computer. If you don't yet have the app, it's free and easy to install. Get it HERE

4. Once you have the Kindle app, you must approve as a sender. You can find the directions HERE.

5. Finally, please message me on Facebook or email with your Kindle email address. This is NOT your regular email (@gmail, @yahoo, etc). You can find your Kindle email HERE.

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