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A new killer has arrived in Papaya Springs. Around the same time a young woman is murdered, Bexley Squires’s elderly neighbor begins to receive strange phone calls and finds disturbing presents on her doorstep. When a sheriff’s deputy leaks information to Bexley from the murder scene, it appears her neighbor may have a complicated history with the murderer, and the hunt for the man begins.


In the meantime, as Bexley adjusts to married life, her first husband comes to her for help. As Bexley tries to uncover the intention behind a seemingly frivolous lawsuit by Jack Squires’s former mentor, the heartbreaking truth will force Jack to reassess his future and make Bexley question her own.


The urgency to find the killer escalates once the truth behind his past is revealed. But will it be too late for Bexley to save her neighbor’s life?

The Neighbor's Dark Past: Bexley Squires #6 (paperback)

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