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I was destined for greatness.


After all, my parents named me O. B. Wan Kenobi, just like the Jedi Knight.


Okay, not really, though my friends do call me “Kenobi”.


When twelve-year-old O. B. and his misfit group of friends win backstage passes to see their favorite rock band, they discover there’s a good reason The Emperors of the North have red eyes, and only play gigs after dark. Monsters are real, and sometimes live much closer to home than they think.


After the gang decides to follow the vamps to their hideout as there’s no way their parents or any other adults will believe the truth, O.B. realizes it’s up to him to save the day—or at least his annoying sister. He does have a junior black belt in tae kwon do, and is somewhat of an expert in Minecraft. But can he beat the vampires and rescue his sister before they’re to walk down the isle for their other sister’s wedding, or are they doomed either way?

O.B. and the Vamps (paperback)


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