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The South Side eventually chews everyone up and spits them back out, leaving a shell of whatever disaster the neighborhood molded them into from the beginning.

Although it tried to break Zoe, she’s determined to save her little sister, and repair the damage their parents left behind. Ryker’s legitimate offer to work for him is a tempting place to start.

When his uncle's sudden return coincides with his brother’s mysterious disappearance, Ryker questions everything. Including the band’s future, and his sudden draw to the naturally beautiful dancer he’s known since high school.

He wasn’t expecting Zoe to appear among the chaos, inspiring him to write some of the best music of his career.

In the search for Bender, the estranged bandmates become united once again as Ryker and Zoe form the kind of bond neither of them can walk away from.

But once the the truth behind Bender’s disappearance begins to unravel, they may not all make it out alive.

Notorious: Rock Bottom #2 (paperback)

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