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Fans of Hidden Pictures and The Lovely Bones will enjoy this unconventional love story with a harrowing mystery and a bond that transcends time…


In the year 1986, 12-year-old Jackie Tanner leads a desolate existence alongside a flighty older sister and an absent mother. It isn’t until Jackie meets an older boy on the banks of the river that she understands the value of love and the bonds of friendship. But J.R. is only in southern Minnesota because his father, a detective with the FBI, is aiding local authorities in the search for missing girls. After the community goes into lockdown to protect their children, Jackie and J.R. navigate through the highs and lows of their complicated lives as close confidants.


In the year 2018, 32-year-old Sterling Pruitt is inexplicably lured from Los Angeles to a small Midwestern city where her lifelong dreams involving a little girl become even more vivid…tangible, even. When Sterling learns of the city’s haunting secrets, she confides in Theo, the handsome yet sullen carpenter hired to renovate her new home. Together, Sterling and Theo will question both their destinies and their grips on reality.


Once Sterling begins to understand the gravity of her dreams, she’ll do everything in her power to unlock the mystery behind the abductions in 1986. This enchanting, heartfelt, and often agonizing tale of friendship and tragedy reminds us the bonds of true love can etch a permanent place into our hearts.

Lost Girls of Kato (paperback)


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