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Her brother’s senseless murder made her hungry for justice. Wielding a badge and gun seemed like a logical start.

He’s determined to bring down the man who destroyed everything. When the law won’t help, he’s ready to take matters into his own hands.

In Sasha Green’s first assignment as a detective, her job is to infiltrate the heavy metal band Blood Hands. Having grown up with her brother’s band, it’s the role she was born to play. But she wasn’t expecting to enjoy being part of a band more than her job protecting the city, or to empathize with the wrong side of the law.

As far as Trent Risotto is concerned, his band is no place for a woman, especially one as seemingly innocent as the blonde drummer who nails her audition. Although he’s unable to resist her sexy charm, his darkness would ruin someone like her.She can’t afford to fall for the prime suspect.He can’t afford any distractions that could get him killed.

**NOTE: This was previously sold as Undercover Rockstar

Ferocious: Rock Bottom #4 (paperback)

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