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“This book captures everything I love about romances – it’s fun and sexy and leaves you wanting more.” -RONE Award-winning Author Sierra Hill


He’s America’s hottest rockstar, and he’s harboring a dark secret…one that could end with deadly consequences. She’s a small-town girl from the Midwest, escaping an overprotective family. After catching the first solo gig by the rocker with the looks of a Greek god and the voice of an angel, Evelyn’s a goner.

But Charlie Walker is the worst kind of bad boy all wrapped up in a smoking hot body, surrounded by scandal, and completely untouchable to someone as ordinary as Evelyn. Or so she thought. When the chemistry between them is unleashed, the danger involved extends far beyond the threat of their relationship being thrust into the spotlight.

Brooklyn Rockstar: Kendall Family #1 (paperback)

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